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How Creative Teams Work On Production

As an artist I’ve never been a fan of spreadsheets, yet that is how so much of the work we do gets managed today. Whether it’s an Excel doc or a project management software, it always comes down to an endless view of to-do items to check off. Like email, task lists have become a never ending stream of burden and, no matter how many items we check something off, they just seem to keep stacking up.
With Artella, our goal is to find new ways of getting things done that is both meaningful and fun. We’ve done that by studying how creative teams of all sizes work.

What we’ve learned so far

Creative teams work visually. They do still need ways to make sure the work they are doing is progressing, but they don’t necessarily need to see that as a check list view. At Artella we’ve been experimenting with context-based workflows. The status of what you are doing is right there on the item/s you are working on. When someone comments on your work or leaves you a series of review notes, that is stored with the work you are doing so you can easily get back to it and know what needs to be done. When you’re done with the work you simply mark the file you are working on “complete/final” and it’s stored on the cloud for the next department or team member to pick up and work with. Anyone can click the files to see the latest version of the work visually. No need to open the file directly, although you can do that too.

Artella works how creative teams work: visually

This “direct accesses to all the information you need” is proving to increase the flow of work people are doing. It means less is getting lost and it means teams can stay productive especially when they are fully remote and global, oh, and best of all perhaps, it means we’re beginning to move away from the treacherous to-do list.

Our Takeaways

Artella has been evolving over the last year as we’ve been crafting the next iteration of the platform with professional teams working in large organizations, and indie teams of 15+ to fine-tune our processes and workflow. The result is something we think will change the way creative teams work together and we’re excited to share it with the world in 2019.

We greatly appreciate the support we’ve had to date from the creative community and, although the platform is evolving, we remain dedicated to improving the way creative teams work. We look forward to sharing what is to come soon.

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