Animation Production Workflow

Have you ever thought about creating your own animated production? A short film, a video game or maybe trying your hand at VR or AR? Having a well-organized animation production workflow is the key to a successful experience.

So many people think of creating epic adventures that feel attainable I mean, come on, you’ve seen it in your favorite movies and games so it must be pretty easy, right? Wrong. In fact, biting off more than you can chew is the most common cause of burnout and project abandonment.
Creating an epic adventure is attainable, but before you dive right in to create the next Lord of the Rings consider doing something short first… VERY short.
If you’re doing a short film do something with one character, a simple set and about 10 – 15 seconds in length. Can you get the look you’re going for? Can you get the feeling for the character you want?
If you’re making a game, can you make something with one simple environment and a simple object going through it. Publish it on Steam or the App Store to learn the whole process.

Get Bigger Impact By Simplifying The Animation Production Workflow

Each production you do gives you more insight into the next one. It teaches you how to get a big impact by being smart. How do you do this, you cheat. The big studios do it so why can’t you? Simple things like reusing assets, keeping textures simple as many will be blurred to bits when depth of field is added in comp. Read our step-by-step guide to creating an animated production here.

Growing As A Creator Means Growing As A Leader

All the little things you learn by doing simple projects will make you a better creator. In fact each project you complete will give you more momentum and confidence. Not just in your work but as a leader and motivator of your team. However small they are, they will most likely want to come back and work with you again as there’s nothing better for creatives than to finish a project and see other people enjoy it.
Learning the process, workflow and pipeline for making an animated project will really set you up for success or failure. At Artella we want to set you up for success. For that reason we’ve created an in-depth walk through of our entire pipeline (pipeline = how you manage all the files in your animation production). Learn more about production pipelines here.

Learn The Ins and Outs of An Entire Animation Production Workflow and Pipeline

You can access Artella’s production pipeline walkthrough here. Enjoy and happy creating!