Top 3 Tips for Animation Project Creators

Virtual Animation Studio

We’re happy to see an influx of creators bringing their great animation productions to our virtual studio platform. This post is meant to give you a heads up on the important criteria to be aware of before posting your project so that you can get the most out of Artella and the community.


1. Project Guidelines

Be sure to read our Project Guidelines before you submit your “new project” in Artella. If projects don’t meet our guidlines they will be put in an inactive status which means they are not viewable by the community until you’ve met the guidelines. It’s not hard to do, less than you would expect on a site like Kickstarter, but the same attention to detail should be followed.


2. How to run a successful production

We’ve learned a lot over the last 3 years about collaborative virtual studio productions and how to run successful productions where people are spread out all over the world. Here are our top lessons learned.


3. Understanding the Process

If you’re new to animation you will want to understand the stages a production goes through to bring an idea from concept all the way through to completion.


BONUS: Why use a Pipeline?

A production pipeline ensures that everything flows through from idea to final frames or game engine build. There are 1,000’s, if not a 100,000+, of files that make up a finished project. Without a pipeline your project can flail and risk being completed. Find out why using a pipeline is the key to keeping your project moving fast and to the finish line here.


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