The Big Reason Episodic Content Wins

Episodic Content Wins

Everyone wants to make the epic feature length film and game, but those projects can span years and it’s hard to stay motivated as life happens and productions stall as a result. We’re finding that shorter episodic content is the key to successful, completed projects and motivated crews.

These points started to become very clear when we were talking with the Pure creators and they shared with us that they decided to break their long short film it into short mini episodes. After talking we realized the power this has to everyone involved and we wanted to share our key takeaways in our thinking so that you may consider this approach on your projects.

Shorter keeps the crew engaged

Staying engaged is something that’s different for everyone. But what we do know is that when people come onto a project they are highly motivated and excited to be part of the vision and/or visual style. Working on something that moves fast keeps everyone excited and the momentum becomes contagious.

Because crews are often global it’s a thrill to go to sleep and wake up to lots of great new work posted on the project’s Feed for review and inspiration. Production truly starts to happen globally and there’s always something happening when things are shorter and moving quickly.  

Shorter helps you build an audience over time

Short episodic content allows you to build up an audience as you go. Checking in with your audience helps you validate your idea, or pivot to something that hits them harder based on the input they give you.

If you are doing recurring crowdfunding on a site like Patreon, it is much easier for people to say, “YES” when they see that you actually get things done. They’ll want to help you get to the next leg of your journey as they are motivated to see what happens next, too.

Oh, and they’ll want to share it with their friends, thus helping to cast an even bigger reach as you go, as opposed to only once if you follow the traditional launch path.

Shorter helps you finish BIG

Finishing your project, or an episode of your project, allows you to enjoy the fulfillment of completion many times over and gives everyone more confidence to keep pushing forward.

In the end you can still get that epic film or game that you wanted by stitching all the pieces together. But instead of waiting years to complete it, you get the benefit of having built a fan base, getting to talk more at festivals and conferences and enjoying the entire process in what you’re creating and sharing with others.

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