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It has been our dream to, “Create the platform where artists collaborate together, grow their talents, do it from anywhere in the world AND making a living at it.”

“Create the platform where artists collaborate together, grow their talents and do it from anywhere…” With a growing community of over 12,000 and over 300 active productions we’re happy to see that Artella definitely has a place in the creative world. Although many of these projects are volunteer based we know that we had to start somewhere to see if Artella would become “a thing.” It is.

“…AND making a living at it.” We’re now stepping into stage two of Artella’s growth. Since we launched in May of 2016 we’ve had dozens of inquiries from brands, companies and studios to do work for them. We decided this would be a great step for how our members can make money on the platform and we are now embracing this outside work and want to pass it on to what we’re calling, “Artella Preferred Studios”.

If you are running your studio on Artella and meet our criteria (see below) we will alert you to paid projects for your consideration.


  1. Be sure to have a studio profile set up on Artella.
  2. As a studio, you must complete at least one project on Artella to be considered an Artella preferred studio.
    1. A project can be something short; i.e. a four week project that produces a five to ten second finished piece, for instance.
    2. This ensures that you can finish work – important to us and to your potential clients.
  3. We ask that your projects be ran through Artella where you can scale your crew based on your needs.
  4. Once you meet the above criteria reach out to us at to inform us if you’d like to be on our preferred studio list.


We have plans to grow this aspect of the platform and are excited to begin moving stage two forward. We’re excited to make this another great reason to be part of the Artella community.


If you are a company looking to have your next product launch or promotion include a creative flare from animation to an interactive VR experience, please contact us at

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