The Power of Advisors

By: Bobby Beck


Last night we had an incredible meeting with our advisory team; Glen Keane, Max Planck, Stefano Corazza, Shawn Kelly, Carlos Baena, Stephen Maloney and myself. We were able to reflect on Artella’s first 5 months post launch, share where we’re at and where we plan to go.

The power of having advisors was never more apparent. Just like when you’re making a film, a game or anything creative, having an outside set of eyes look at your work, ask you questions, challenge your assumptions always makes for something better in the end and, at the very least, pushes you to check in on what your original intent was in whatever you are creating. That second, third and fourth set of eyes is truly invaluable.

Our team is so diverse across many different creative and business mindsets that it provided an incredible balance between all the necessary worlds and was exciting for us to know that we have such a strong and engaged team that cares very much about what Artella is bringing to the world.

Everyone involved shared their belief in Artella’s trajectory for becoming THE place for independent creators to make content while enabling more diverse stories to be told and additional insight that will shape the future of how we move forward.

No matter what you create we recommend having those outside, objective eyes to give you input as it can only make what you are doing better. And, with that, we invite you to share Artella with your friends so that we can continue to strengthen the community and the types of stories that are told through it.

Create a story, create your own studio, be a part of the future of how animation is being done!

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