Download Our Free Animation Rig – Franklin

We’re excited to introduce you to Franklin. Franklin is a character we’re giving to the entire CG community for free.

At Artella our mission is to unleash and unite the creative potential of the world.Our hope in giving this high-quality character asset is that it may serve you in the production of great content you make either on your own, or with others via Artella.

The Story

We originally found this character online through the great work of Joshua Cote (modeler & rigger) and Nicola Sammarco (concept designer). The original character was named “Walt,” after Walt Disney. The rig was older and didn’t work with the latest versions of Maya so we worked with Joshua to make some modifications to the character and to update the rig so that it worked with the latest versions of Maya. The result is pretty incredible and we’re excited to finally have him available for you for use in your projects. A big thank you goes out to Joshua for his incredible work and we hope you enjoy the result.

The Trailer

Lorenzo Franco (Bogota, Colombia) did the incredible animation and Patrick Setiono (Washington, U.S.) did the outstanding surfacing and lighting work in the piece below. Another big thank you goes out to both of them for doing such a fun piece to kick this character off! We look forward to seeing what you create!

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