Monthly Creator Roundtable

Yesterday, June 9th 2016, we had our first creator roundtable. These are open to any Artella creators who have projects that meet our guidelines. The turnout was exceptional for a first session.

The goal of these sessions is to create a global braintrust where creators can bring their questions, challenges or share the progress of their project for feedback. Making projects great doesn’t have to be up to the creator alone, they should be able to tap into others and make the best possible creation they can.

Some of the topics we covered in this first session were:

  • Non Disclosure Agreements – having your crew members sign them so you have some form of basic protection over the concept you are making.
  • Production management tips – creators shared their stories, tips and Artella provided the creators with both an asset management and shot management template that have been refined during the production of two internal projects.
  • Outside studio projects – there is interest from studios who want to bring in projects to Artella. We discussed what that could look like and some of the challenges and hurdles to expect so that we can make these types of projects fair for everyone involved.
  • Future topics – guest speakers and more.

Overall, we’re happy with the turnout and we look forward to doing these monthly to help the Artella community strengthen and the content emerge the best that it can be.

Come check out at Artella and see what we’re all about.

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