Launch Announcement

Launch Announcement: We are thrilled to share the official launch date of Artella with you – May 10th. Your support will enable Artella to change the creative landscape forever.

To celebrate the upcoming launch we made this video showcasing artists currently using Artella and featuring some of the content being created through the platform. This video shares the spirit and motivation behind our vision. We hope you enjoy it.

Video Thanks: We are incredibly thankful to Amir Hedayah, from Egypt, who created the amazing original score. Jessica who did the fantastic voice work and all the artists who submitted footage for this trailer.

We hope you enjoy.


What is Artella?

Check out this article we did on AWN to learn more. For a quick snapshot

When you create your project on Artella you:

  • Access a cloud pipeline that organizes all the files, versions and data with a global artistic team easy.
  • Use quick start templates for animated films, video games and virtual reality content to take the guesswork out of this often crippling task.
  • Communication via private feed post only seen by members of your crew.
  • Integrated drawing tools to give feedback on work in progress.
  • Tap into the community to fill positions your crew may need.

As a community member you:

  • Post your portfolio and work in progress.
  • Get and give feedback to others to grow your work using our integrated drawing tools.
  • Follow other creatives for inspiration and motivation.

imageWe would be incredibly thankful if you would help us get the word out by supporting our launch announcement on May 10th via our Thunderclap campaign

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