Collaboration – Sharing Our Stories

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet many incredibly talented artists from all corners of the creative world and many of them have worked, or are working on side projects because they have big dreams and find it difficult to make them happen inside the studio system.

As an example, I am currently part of a large distributed project that has over 70 artists working on it. Despite the fact that we are all working on this project from our individual work stations in different timezones scattered around the globe doesn’t seem to matter at all. The glue that keeps us together is that we are all excited to be part of something we believe in and a part of defining a new way of working together!

In an effort to celebrate and learn from other creatives who have worked on or completed distributed projects, we will begin sharing stories so that we can raise our collective knowledge and pave our path towards this new beginning. We have many great stories lined up for you and can’t wait to share them!

And, to expand our reach, if you, or someone you know, has a story of working remotely on a creative project, we’d love to hear it – good or bad. You can contact us directly at

Article By: Bobby Beck – Co-Founder and CEO of Artella